Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time to baby proof the house!

The past week Mr. Boy has suddenly made huge strides in his mobility. Before, he could barley roll from his back to his front, and couldn't really get into the crawling position from a sitting position, and definitely couldn't crawl. I had to put him in a sitting position or prop him up standing, otherwise he was stuck. But his week he has learned to: go from sitting and pull himself up to standing at the coffee table, and go from his back, roll over to his front and get into the crawling position, crawl, and push himself back into the sitting position! And yesterday he even crawled all the way across the living room floor. We are so proud of him!

And none of this was accomplished with the help of that awful standing device I mentioned a few months ago, that the therapists gave us. I just couldn't wrap my mind around how it was ok for him to be strapped into it, based on his anatomy so I never put him in it. I finally asked our orthopedic surgeon about it one day and he said that I was under no circumstances to put him into that thing! He confirmed my thoughts that since Mr. Boy's pelvic bone is separated and points out, he will correct this in the next surgery by breaking the pelvic bone and fusing it back together correctly, bringing the bones together at that time. So there is no use in trying to force his legs forward and together at this time unless I just wanted to cause him unnecessary pain and frustration. It isn't a muscle stretching issue, its a bone structure issue, just as I had thought. I'm so glad I stuck to my instincts on that one!

Excited after pulling himself up to the coffee table

Starting to crawl

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  1. Hooray! I LOVE the coffee table picture -- the face of pure joy!!