Saturday, June 4, 2011

A house for Mr. Boy

We've been pretty busy this past week, but for the first time it's not because of Mr. Boy's  medical stuff.  We've been busy buying a house! And my sister Holly has been here visiting from LA, so its been packed with exciting endeavors. We took Mr. Boy to church, the grocery store and the mall... all for the first time! Mr. Boy stays happy as long as we're in motion and there are new things to look at from his stroller. :)
We can't wait to move into our first house, the first week in July. The Lord placed this house before us and made it possible to afford the house, so we cant wait to have a bigger place for Mr. Boy to play and grow!

Holly pushing Mr. Boy through McKennan Park


  1. God continues to answer prayers daily!

  2. Praise the Lord! HE is faithful and will continue to do mighty things in all of your lives!