Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hospital Days

We've had quite a few trials, failures and near-breakdowns this week but we are finally nearing the end of this hospital stay. We came in last Tuesday for a 24-hour study and are still here. They decided Mr. Boy wasn't growing at the proper rate, so we tried a special drug and increasing his caloric intake, but this made him vomit and reflux badly, resulting in an IV for dehydration. So we tried plan B... or are we now on plan Q? They inserted an "NJ" tube from his nose all the way past the stomach to the small intestines. Due to Mr. Boy' s jumbled up anatomy, it took 4 tries and 2 different drs to place the tube using a live x-ray as Mr. Boy gagged and screamed in protest. Now we will feed Mr. Boy through the tube using a continuous pump until he is big enough to do a surgery for a more permanent solution to his reflux, called a Nissen (he would technically be big enough if it wasn't for his strange anatomy).  This could take months or a year. We've had a few rough days as Mr. Boy isn't allowed to eat orally.

Tube for Impedance study
minutes after getting a painful IV put in, he decides to eat it... what a trooper
NJ tube (passes past the stomach to the intestines)


  1. The power of prayer.....after all that you all have been through, Asher is smiling and happy!


  2. Every moment is so special--and soon you will be celebrating your first Mother's Day. That is such a miracle and a day that will hold unbelievable memories for you!

    Mike B.